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imnotacommittee said: The bridal shower got me thinking of Emmett and Alicia (because RL always reminds me of our fics) and I was wondering if Alicia would ask Sarah to be bridesmaid.


A Friend at Hand 

"Alicia!" Sarah takes her friend into a hug. "It’s so good to see you!" 

"It’s nice to see you too," Alicia beams at her old friend, calmer but no less happy. "How is everyone?" 

"Oh, wonderful," Sarah sighs at the thought of Belle with her newest infatuation with ribbons. "What brings you to town, though?" 

"Well, I have some news," Alicia sweeps her dress under her and sits down. 

"Ooh, do tell!" Sarah sits as well. She wishes Alicia had more than a two hour layover at the airport, but she’ll take what she can get. "How’s Emmett?" 

"Well, he’s what this is about," Alicia smiles a little impishly. She lifts her hand for her coffee but jumps when Sarah squeals at a pitch most likely reserved for the airport radars. 

"Oh my goodness!" Sarah bounces in her seat. "You’re engaged!!" 

Alicia giggles, blushing at at her companion’s enthusiasm. “He proposed this past weekend.” 

"Oh, Alicia!" Sarah fans her eyes to keep her tears from dribbling. "I’m so happy for you!" 

"Thank you, I-" Alicia blinks as Sarah begin s firing questions like a machine gun. 

"When’s the wedding? Do you have a venue yet? What about the dress?"

"Sarah, please!" Alicia laughs freely. She hasn’t changed from the excitable young lady in Broad-U (who laminated her schedules and arranged her highlighters by R-O-Y-G-B-I-V). "You sound just like Emmett, he gets like that too!" 

"Okay, okay," Sarah shakes her head to steady herself. "First of all, when is it?" 

"It will depend on when people are available. And on that note," Alicia clasps her hands, "would you consider being my bridesmaid?" 

Sarah’s jaw drops, “really?” 

Alicia nods with a sweet smile. “Emmett’s sister will be maid of honor, and I wouldn’t want anyone but you for my bridesmaid.” 

"Oh," Sarah waves and waves but her tears are beading down her cheeks. "I am so honored!"

"Oh, Love," Alicia pats Sarah’s hands, also teary. 

"Hey, Darlin’ I’m—oh, hi." 

The women look up to see Alec, hair a’fluffy from the wind and face neutral. Sarah brightens, “hi, sweetheart!—you remember Alicia.” 

"Of course," Alec smiles nods to the lady. "You were in some of our first year classes."

"You never noticed me," Alicia smiles indulgently, with maybe a little cheek. "You were too busy drooling over Sarah." 

"Well, I’m a single minded man, I’m afraid," Alec chuckles at the charming woman. He’s glad Sarah has her friend back. 

"I’ve just asked Sarah if she would be a bridesmaid at my wedding, and of course the entire Hardy family must be there," Alicia smiles as she stands. "Now, I must find my gate, but you, dear, call me." 

"Okay," Sarah hugs her friend and the exchange air kisses (high society like Alicia and French accustomed like Sarah. "I’ll see you soon." 

"Yes, I suppose you will."

the-girl-from-scotland said: and 'you’re the drummer for my brothers band and i find you really hot AU' for Sarah/Alec pretty please? thx -XX


Drummer Boy 

"Hey," Sarah calls as she trots down the stairs in her stocking feet. "I brought you guys some drinks." 

"Thanks, Sar," her brother nods indifferently as he snags a glass. His two guitarists are just as dismissive. 

"Thank you, Sarah," the drummer says softer, making a point to smile. 

Sarah lets out a humiliating giggle, clutching the glasses tray to her chest. He blinks at her and she feels her entire neck getting hot. “Y-You’re welcome, um, Alec.” 

"Okay, thanks for the drinks, now get lost." 

"Hey, you should be grateful for a thoughtful sister," Alec grunts in her defense. 

Sarah nearly topples over in her sudden swoon. 

"Uh, do you want some help washing these?" Alec asks as he blatantly pries Sarah’s brother’s glass right out of his hands. 

Sarah’s smile hurts her cheeks, but the dark, basement rec-room is suddenly much brighter. “Okay, that would be great, thanks!” 

"Aw, come on!—we’re practicing!"

"Well take a break!" Alec snarls back at them as he follows the younger girl up the stairs. She’s only, like, two years younger than him, but she’s always been nice and mature and not some ditz. Plus, she’s really cute. 

"Thanks for helping, Alec," Sarah smiles with a slight shyness about her. She runs the water and accepts each glass from him, savoring the brief brush of their fingers. 

"Y-Yeah, no problem," Alec blushes faintly himself. He knows her brother would absolutely kill him, but he’s always kinda liked Sarah, even when they met back when she first started high school. She’s just so pretty, and he’d really love to take her for a strawberry sundae some time (he remembers she loves them from her birthday party). 

"Are you guys ready for the show?" Sarah asks in light conversation. 

"Yeah, it should be good," Alec chuckles, now drying the glass for the eighth time around. 

"I’d love to come," Sarah says quickly, but when Alec looks at her she looks back to the now-empty sink quickly. "But I imagine my brother would forbid me." 

"Well," Alec sets the glass down, "you could come with me. Like a date—if you want, that…is." 

"Y-Yeah, I’d love to!" Sarah practically squeaks and jumps up and down. He looks all nervous, even though he’s so hot, and a year ahead of her. 


Sarah waits until the rapid feet down the stairs fade to properly jump around squealing. 

What Are The Odds (Sarah / Alec)


Sarah meets Alec at Bella Italia after Keith (sort of) stands her up.

I’m going to dedicate this to the wonderful Georgie who has been so kind and sweet. Thank you for all your help and encouragement (:

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am I a good man ?

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Twelve in Deep Breath (8.01)

I am Scottish. I can complain about things!

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Only you can shape your d e s t i n y

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Get To Know Me Meme: [1/5] Favourite Characters » Harry James Potter

This boy will be famous, a legend. I wouldn’t be surprised if today was known as Harry Potter day in future. There will be books written about Harry, every child in our world will know his name.

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We think, it’s been ten years. Not for you. Or Earth. But for us. Ten years older, ten years of you. On and off.


We think, it’s been ten years. Not for you. Or Earth. But for us. Ten years older, ten years of you. On and off.

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